Nexus: Google to seeing you on October 29th

On October 29, Google invites you to the international press for an event that will take place in the heart of the Big Apple. It will discuss Android.

Last year, the Mountain View company launched the Galaxy Nexus in partnership with Samsung. 29, we should find one or more new smartphones Nexus range. Starting with a Nexus developed in partnership with LG. The South Korean manufacturer would build on the Optimus G. The Nexus LG would thus have a quad core, 2GB of RAM and a HD screen. Another Nexus produced by Sony could also be unveiled. And that's not all ...

As each new output terminals Nexus, Google could unveil the successor to Android 4.1, aka Jelly Bean with Android 4.2 otherwise known as Key Lime Pie.

In fact, Google could benefit from event to lower the price of the Nexus 7 and offer $ 99 . It would, however, single-core CPU with a model (not quad core as the current model). We can also expect to see a 32GB version of the Nexus 7.

The end of October will be eventful as high tech October 26, Microsoft officially launched Windows 8 and the surface. On October 29, an event centered around Windows Phone 8 is also provided. And closer still, Apple is expected to unveil the iPad Mini Oct. 23.
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