The conference live from Apple's Safari browser

By a little more than two hours, Apple will begin his keynote during which we should discover the iPad Mini and possibly other products.

We have seen that Apple TV owners will be able to view it live on their HDTV. The information is now confirmed on Apple's site.

But the Cupertino company has decided to extend this opportunity to all owners of iOS devices: iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. This requires that the device is running iOS 4.2 minimum .

Finally, if you have a Mac running Mac OS X 10.6 minimum (condition probably need to install version 4 (minimum) Safari), you can also view it from the Safari browser. To do this, you must have the version 4 (minimum) of Apple's browser . One can also imagine that it should be possible to watch it from any PC if Safari v4 (at least) is installed or another browser "modern" (Chrome, Firefox, IE ...).

A radical change in communication since Apple since 2010, it is not possible to see the live keynotes from Apple.

For now, the Apple online store is closed, the history of the "achalander" with new products that will be presented at the end of the day. The star should be the iPad Mini, this iPad with 7.85 inch screen probable. Tim Cook dared a format that Steve Jobs had yet relayed to the rank of ridicule. Many questions are now focusing on these characteristics and prices.

A fair price could be at $ 330 or $ 350 (for the least expensive model), that is to say between those battery of the iPad and iPod Touch. However, if the first model includes only 8 GB of internal memory, you can also expect it to be lower.

The keynote is expected to see a MacBook Pro 13 inch Retina Display (only one 15-inch model is now available with Retina Display screen). Finally, Apple has also in its cartons a new Mac mini and a new line of iMac.

Many presentations of new devices that could potentially dilute, if confirmed, the effect of the announcement of the iPad mini.

See you on the URL to 19 am, French time, from your web browser Safari (version 4).

For Windows users, go to this URL to download the latest version of Safari (version 5.1.7 dated 9 May 2012). Other browsers should also do the trick (if the installed version is newer) .
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