Beagle: the 5-inch eReader low cost TXTR

While Amazon has launched a sophisticated reading lamp with Paperwhite the Kindle, the company will try TXTR the opposite bet with a reading light but ultra stripped even cheaper.

The Beagle - what is his name - is characterized by a resolution of the most honest. In fact, it displays 800 by 600 pixels on its screen technology E-ink to 5 inches. The pixel density is therefore 200 dpi compared to 212 dpi for Amazon Kindle Paperwhite but especially 167 pp. of previous Kindle.

Small screen and almost no connectivity allow TXTR reduce the production cost of the Beagle. Thus, it has no physical port and can not connect to that via Bluetooth (no WiFi or 3G). It does therefore have no card slot but 4GB internal flash, which is more than enough to ePub file types. The Reader is powered by two AAA batteries. All this allows him to weigh only 128 grams and be ultra thin with 5 mm thick.

For now, it is only with PAIR in Bluetooth Android devices (Android 4.0 or higher required) via the application free TXTR available on Google Play . However, the German company has already announced that the application for iOS and PC that endure as soon transfer files to the Beagle. We are waiting to see if the application will also transfer eBooks not from his own store. If necessary, it would be a big limitation for this reader.

A search of lower cost, like what Google did with the Asus tablet Nexus 7, which should allow the txtr offer € 10 . However, it could be a subsidized rate. Still no 3G connectivity, we are waiting to see what kind of grant will be backed subscription (perhaps buying books on its own platform). Txtr did not communicate precisely on this point. But hopefully it will be available also available without subscription 20 €, 30 € or 40 €, which remain a good deal. Be expected to know the conditions of sale to forge a final opinion. The Reader Beagle will be sold in Asia, the United States and Europe to date has not been specified.

Txtr will not revolutionize the electronic reading light as such but it could revolutionize how to use it. With this product, the user will no longer hesitate to buy more (if a low price is confirmed) and use it in all circumstances (think the beach especially during the summer where we always reluctant to take Bookeen's Kindle or because of the sand, great enemy of electronic devices).
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