Google's market capitalization surpassed that of Microsoft

Originally known for its search engine, the company co-directed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin has surpassed Microsoft on Wall Street. Yesterday, Google stock has increased by 0.96% to settle at 761.78 dollars, while Microsoft's share price fell 0.91% to 29.49 dollars at auction.

Nasdaq, the market capitalization of Google is now 249.13 billion against $ 247.3 miliards dollars for the Redmond company.

Difficult to draw definitive conclusions as market volatility is such that the trend could well be reversed quickly. Reflected in the evolution of Microsoft stock during the last twelve years. Thus, if the value of Microsoft was $ 430 billion in July 2000, she collapsed to 135 billion in March 2009 before returning to color the past three years. The company led by Steve Ballmer remains largely dominating PC 92% of the world's computers run on a version of Windows.

Note however that the two biggest companies in the high tech sector are Apple ($ 618 billion) and Google. However, iOS and Android, their respective mobile OS have the two largest market share in this sector. "  Android and iOS to Windows  "symbol so strong but this could change over time. On the one hand, Microsoft with Windows Phone 8 intends to cut back on the market share of iOS and Android, and other society tends to diversify its business with manufacturing (Xbox 360 in 2006 and soon tablets surface the end of the month).
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