Google near acquisition Viewdle Specialized in Facial Recognition

Google continues its shopping sector companies specializing in facial recognition and augmented reality. In 2006, the Mountain View company and had acquired Neven Vision, a company which she then used the technology in Picasa. In 2011, Pittsburgh Pattern Recognition is who came into the hands of Google. Its facial recognition technology was then implemented in Android for the functionality of unlocking the screen.

It is now of interest Viewdle Google. Negotiations have started more than a year with Motorola Mobility. They then resumed when the manufacturer of smartphones came into the fold of Google.

No statement was made by the group co-founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. But sources close to the case believe that Google would be willing to pay between 30 and 45 million.

Viewdle has developed an app that allows you to automatically tag friends Facebook in the photos. But the company Mark Zuckerberg has since acquired, which also has an app similar with Photo Tagger. The Ukrainian startup relies on technology that exceeds also the Facial Recognition with movements as well as a technology embedded in augmented reality.

Difficult to know what Google will ├ęchaffauder likely as plans with this acquisition. Perhaps he will integrate features developed by Viewdle in Google+, Picasa or Android. source )
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