Google Trends and Google Insights Merge

A merger that probably not revolutionize the small world of Internet search, but seems to be welcomed as it could sometimes wonder - if it was not a specialist or professional sector - what was the difference that justified the existence of these two tools.

Google has merged its two services Insights and Trends, who gave their own way with a few different options and trends of research in a given period, based on keywords or phrases most requested in its search engine.

Tools particularly popular for those who are interested in statistics but also by site publishers who base their strategy on an adaptation of supply to demand, ie in terms editorials that produce content based searches frequent time. Of course there are other tools than Google for this, more sophisticated, but paying.

Now united under the banner / trends, the two former services are one in a new interface (not easy to see at first glance) that HTML5 can also be accessed from ' a mobile browser on your smartphone or tablet.
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