Synchronize Google contacts in the Contacts application on the iPhone / iPad

If you use Gmail, Contacts and other Google services on your desktop and in your native contacts application iPhone / iPad / iTouch, you may have noticed that, contrary to the agenda or email, they does not synchronize.

Result (among others) annoying: when you want to send an email to a person with whom you have exchanged your PC but not on the iPhone, its details are not stored on it, and you must open the application Gmail if you want to find the email address of the person in question. When you do not use Gmail as mobile e-mail application on iPhone by default it can quickly become tedious.

Google has updated its iOS sync options (from iOS 5) using the CardDAV open standard, which now appears in the sync options of the iPhone and other iDevices.

To sync Google contacts on the iPhone, here's how:

1. Open Settings
2. Select Mail, Contacts, Calendar
3. Select "Add Account" 
4. Select "Other" (bottom of the screen) 
5. Select "Add CardDAV Account" 
6. Enter your Google credentials:

- Server: 
- Username: your Gmail email address (username of your Google account) 
- Password: your Gmail password 
- Description: Enter a description of the account (eg "Google Contacts")

7. Select "Next" at the top of the screen 
8. Check that the "Contacts" option is enabled

Once setup completed, open the Contacts application and the synchronization starts automatically, your Google contacts will be added to your contacts iOS. But beware: if like me you have a fairly short list of contacts and tidy and knowledgeable in your iPhone and a small mess of thousands of contacts in Gmail, the adoption of this solution is not necessarily a good idea, you see.

Google also explained on this page how to make your Google Contacts account by default.

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