iPad Mini: launch imminent?

The rumor about a possible release of a iPad "mini" with a 7.85 inch screen continues to swell to the point that some observers it became a virtual certainty.

New leak this information are supplied, demonstrating that the transition from the loss of Steve Jobs Apple gradually loses its unique status house of secrets.

According to several sources that seem to overlap, the next iPad Mini resume some features of the iPhone 5, namely a shell made ​​of anodized aluminum and a connector that Lightning would become the de facto standard for new mobile products from Apple.

The photos, which have leaked, as usual, a Chinese manufacturer (you can definitely trust anyone over my poor lady) also show the presence of a slot for a NanoSim (the same as the iPhone 5) which proves therefore that the iPad Mini is compatible with 3G and 4G perhaps, that in itself is not really a surprise. However if this option is turned, the iPad Mini arise formidable competitor in the tablet Nexus 7 Google / Asus, which despite all its qualities, is not equipped with 3G and WiFi only connects.

The iPad Mini would be made jointly in China at Foxconn, Apple partner history, and in Pegatron. Other reports indicate an additional assembly line in Brazil (where high-tech products are so expensive).

Launch in 10 days?

The iPad Mini could be announced and launched in the month of October, even for the most optimistic in the next 10 days.

Although it should again be very careful with what is currently a set of rumors, this time there is too much information for corroborating this is only the wind. One thing is certain: the iPad, which already almost completely monopolizes the market shelves, may well kill him permanently if he is also the segment of 7 inches, which seems the one on which consumers will go, and still left a glimmer of hope in the competition.
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