iPhone 5: Apple he made a strategic mistake?

Many setbacks related to the output of the iPhone 5 are known. For two of them, something unique on the iPhone, the secretive Apple has already split an explanation or even an apology. It is part of the poor quality of iOS 6 Maps and secondly the purple halo that appears on the photos taken with the iPhone 5. For the first time, Apple has delivered a consumer product including some features notoriously decreased compared to the previous version.

Note that I am not talking about the new connector. Even if it is a negative factor for many people who need to renew their accessories, is in my opinion a must to upgrade the iPhone (even though we may regret the excessive price of the adapter).

To this is added a design very similar to the 4 and 4S, somewhat below what the firm at the apple we had used a self down from the previous model and aluminum edges crumbling or are already crumbling unpacking.

Disappointment affects some users

For amateur and iPhone owner (s) for several years, this is the first time I am disappointed and I revised my purchase decision. Around me, many people have told me a similar feeling: they will keep their 4 4S them [1] or go Android.

Everyone is not in this case because, according to Apple's sales figures are higher than the 4S (although one wonders what sense are these figures as the smartphone market overall is growing ...). But still, the launch of the iPhone 5 has not gone so well.

Attack Google on prices?

Yesterday, we saw that the new Nexus Phone was out probably mid-November and it would be manufactured by LG . The most interesting in this information are the specifications of the LG Nexus: it suggests that Google will attempt to break the price. Some specifications are indeed down at flagship smartphone of the Korean firm (Optimus G). The photo sensor through example from 12 to 8 MP, there will be no SD slot and the memory capacity is 8GB or 16GB capacities greater cons for the LG Optimus G.

In other words, Google may be preparing a Nexus Phone cheap. Would it be so surprising given that the tablet is already selling Nexus 7 to 199 euros?

The iPhone 5 now costs 679 euros in its cheapest model. Instead of buying an iPhone 5, you can buy 3 shelves Nexus 7 ( the best Android tablet according to many informed users) and you would still have enough to make a good restaurant with the remaining 83 euros. There would not it be a problem?

A strategic error of Apple?

Does Apple should not have, rather than trying to maximize its profit, lower the price of its iPhone in order to anticipate the future price decline on Android smartphones?

One can reasonably ask for, as revealed by iSuppli , the cost of an iPhone 5 is ... 159 euros, labor included.

Steve Jobs has often stated that the purpose of Apple was not making money. In reading his biography, we see that even though he has never skimped on its products, it has struggled to impose at the best price. The iPhone 5 unfortunately does not fully meet these two requirements. On the one hand the quality is poor, and secondly the price may not be aligned with the market in the medium term.

Of course, the iPhone 5 is still a great product, nobody can argue otherwise. All this certainly does not mean that Apple is at the end of the pit, but the disappointment of some and the price is real smartphone seem less appropriate or justified before.

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