SFR 3G deployed in metro and RER in Paris

RATP and SFR have collaborated to provide users with 3G in metro and RER. Users will have the opportunity to ride in the cars in circulation. An effective way to wait for the next station.

In the subway, boredom is often present, but SFR has launched its project on 3G equipment. The latter therefore covers halls, corridors, trains and platforms. For now, only stations Ch√Ętelet-les-Halles and Gare de Lyon offer this new technology. This is a first step, the 3G will be deployed next on the entire network of the RATP. SFR subscribers have the opportunity, according to the marketing manager of the network operator, Alexandre Wauquiez, to "  watch videos, their email, or go on Facebook, on the docks, but also in trains in circulation and in the tunnel RER A which connects these two stations."

Antenna has been positioned on the station and repeaters are installed in tunnels. Alexander Wauquiez indicates that this installation will broadcast the signal everywhere. The entire deployment should be effective by 2015. You should know that the task is therefore enough because there are 300 stations RER and Metro Paris. Regarding funding, the deployment costs between 20 and 30 million SFR. Technology should be the first to integrate the stations then it was the turn of 4G to its input.

The project runs its course in 2013, will involve the deployment of stations A and B line of the RER in Paris as well as line 1. 3G will not be the only one to be installed since last June, the RATP has signed a contract with SFR to deploy WiFi on the docks. The signal will be available at 47 stations.

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