Social Good Week: How to use the internet to finance solidarity

New technologies can change the world, but they will not do it without you! It is up to you.

September 26, SFR greeted him at the Apart SFR (Paris-Madeleine), to discover new ways of financing the solidarity offered by digital technologies, in the presence of Barnard Fishmonger founder Babylonia Lea Thomas, responsible communication Mail-order , Shortening Grand Babel door or Fabric Caregiver, founder of Arizona.

This evening meetings and discussions took place within the framework of the Social Good Week, which includes events organized throughout France, to invite them to follow the initiatives that leverage the tremendous potential of digital technology to build a world best.

Internet gives us the opportunity to be an actor and not just spectators

The conference, hosted by yours truly [1], highlighted the range of solutions that exist today to help support good ideas, or contribute to the great initiatives. That you want to give, lend, contribute financially or even provide a bit of time, today we have all the tools to be an actor and not just a spectator of the world around us.

Take its destiny in hand with knowing internet communication

Today, crowd funding allows a collection active, transparent and fun to finance the project. Olivier, project Remarkable showed us through his video, when we had an idea that we were ready to share, engage to make live, participatory financing in the era of social networks allowed to happen.

How to help when one has no money?

Tell you that all this is interesting, that you'd like to help an entrepreneur in Senegal and India to work and feed his family. But you do not have money, you have no economy. As Mail-order that Human games responded to this major challenge in a positive way

How to give without pay?


The platform provides many tools to associations for fundraising and all free. Beyond the classic gift that is always possible to make the platform offers users to watch video ads, respond to polls (in exchange for a contribution is paid to associations) is what they call donation minute. If you want to support these initiatives beautiful and you have time, do not hesitate.

Happy life

Better yet, if you like to go on Facebook , and you regularly play social games on your page when you are bored at your job, there Happy Life developed by Human games first game social solidarity.

Launched in June 2011, aims to promote micro finance to the public. It offers help and have fun, you feel guilty enough to spend time on Facebook.

The principle: the player manages a virtual trade him to develop his world. As you progress through the game, he became familiar with the principles of micro credit  Reality gradually joined fiction, because the player is invited to discover the profiles of real micro-entrepreneurs through partner platforms Baby loan and Kiva . He has the opportunity to use the points earned in the game to make a donation to these entrepreneurs. Virtual currency that turns the player wins thanks to partners for specific impact of project and soon projects of solidarity associations.

The objective of this event, beyond the meeting of this panel solutions that emerge through internet for solidarity fund was to sow the seeds of solidarity. To see the smile of the public, the bet seems successful.

The main risk today, while stories are written and meetings every day, is that this dynamic jams, or runs out of steam. It is vital for these new solutions they are no longer only alternatives, but they are fully adopted by users, as they are already in the United States. This evening showed what could bring new technologies to build a better world.
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