Steve Jobs: First anniversary of his death

Steve Jobs died October 5, 2011 as a result of pancreatic cancer. It is known worldwide for his company whose logo is an apple. This contractor was also an American inventor who has been a visionary in offering products that have revolutionized the field of high tech.

The birth of a vocation

Steve Jobs was born February 24, 1955, after a turbulent childhood, the young man joined the Pathfinder Club of Hewlett-Packard. A mythical place since computer engineer company is presenting its work every week. At age 13, his vocation is found when visiting any laboratory and discovers the 9100A, the first PC desktop of the brand. He tries to join the President, William Hewlett, because it builds a frequency parts and wants, but it offers a summer job. He met Steve Kolonia  together, they decided in 1971 to study the production of a blue box. According to Steve Jobs, it is the beginning of the creation of the company Apple.

The birth of Apple

Several experiences during his life explain a product or function of the brand. During his schooling, he had to take courses that were sometimes quite boring  but the one on the calligraphy allowed him to create all the handwriting fonts in Mac. In 1975, Apple I was born. The creation starts up since 1st April 1976, Steve Jobs, Steve Kolonia and Ronald Wayne signed the founding act of the company Apple. Mike Markka take the place of Wayne and inject 250,000 dollars in the company. Why the name Apple? Steve Jobs was a vegetarian and had decided to follow a diet of apples.

In 1977, the Apple II is born. A few years later, Steve Jobs launches the Apple Lisa and Macintosh. The entrepreneur wants to surround himself with the best and opt for a more destabilizing recruitment of a candidate. So he asked questions specific enough to try to find someone who matched his desires. The charismatic and persuasive side also allowed Steve to climb the ladder to reach the top with products that were always one step ahead of the competition. After leaving Apple, he proposes the NeXT Computer, the NeXt Cube, but it will be soon in his company.

A catalog at the forefront of innovative technology

In 1997, Steve Jobs said I think we have the opportunity to take the next big step beyond technology and Microsoft and all the other. The company is on the verge of bankruptcy, but the iMac was released in 1998. The brand is growing every year with products that enhance its image. It was then the turn of iTunes, the iPhone and a multitude of technologies to reach the Apple catalog. The iPad will make a grand entrance in 2010 and a year later Apple is the richest company in the world. This thirst for creativity is blocked by the disease. Steve Jobs has been fighting for seven years, he underwent a liver transplant and his health deteriorated over the months.

Steve Jobs takes its Terrance

August 24, 2011, Steve resigned from Apple, it marks a significant turning point in his life and society Unfortunately, that day has come. At this point, Tim Cook takes over, but it remains the chairman of the board. October 5, 2011, Apple and the world of high tech lose Steve Jobs, who is carried away by the disease at his home in Palo Alto. Since tributes succeed. Many celebrities have expressed their pride in having an innovative product created by a talented inventor. December 21, 2011, a bronze statue was erected in Budapest by the company Graphics.

Jeremy Pons wanted to pay tribute to Steve Jobs for the first anniversary of his death. It was inspired by a speech he gave at Stanford University. The author of the video has used quotes and composed music. The concept is very original and very well constructed set.

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