The chart will convince you for your interest in mobile

Article written by Serge Roukine . Entrepreneur and author, he is the founder of , marketplace freelancers, co-founder of Affiz and organizes AppDays the first conference on mobile applications, including Lemon Squeezer is a partner.

The question facing all those who want to create a startup is: should I start my startup on a website or a mobile app? After the highly publicized sales of Instagram and Draw Something and the apparent success of mobile startups like Square and only Uber, the question deserves to be asked in effect.

Here is a chart that provides an answer. Quantity of terminals connected to the Internet around the world since 2000 with a view to 2016.

It is clear that there are already more mobile devices accessing the Internet than personal computers, and this trend is amplified exponentially. Computers will not disappear, but clearly, the number of mobile terminal users increases to full speed.

Worse, in a few years we will all population of Internet users who have never used a PC (ie who work mostly or exclusively on smartphones and tablet). Thus, even if it is not mandatory to fit a mobile application for all startups, web services must quickly get to the time of mobile and be usable without effort on smartphones and tablets.

To ignore the mobile today is a bit like embarking paper catalog sales in 2000 without a website. It can work, but it's a shame to cut a high growth market if!
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