The next Nexus produced by LG and announced before the end of October

October 5 is the anniversary of the death of Steve Jobs , but a year ago, Google announced the Galaxy Nexus was at that time (the ad was therefore postponed for a week). A year has passed since then and the Mountain View company could unveil the new Nexus smartphone by the end of October.

According to, which is based on sources close to the case, the next Nexus would be based on the new terminal manufacturer LG Optimus G. Other alleged leaks go further and specify certain characteristics of the future Nexus.

LG Nexus, which has not yet official name would display 1280 by 768 pixels on its IPS screen, which translates into a pixel density of 317.6 ppi (pixels per inch). The "plus" in "True IPS +" means that the screen will have a matrix of pixels called RGB (not PenTile like the Galaxy S III for example). It embark SoC Snapdragon S4 Qualcomm processor with quad core, 2GB RAM and a main camera with sensor 8 Mpixels (against 13 Mpixels for Optimus G). In this, it would be comparable to the LG optimus G (except for the camera). However, it would have a wireless charging device in the image of what Nokia Lumia 820 with and 920. Storage side, it would be available in versions 8 GB and 16 GB instead of 32 GB of Optimus G. It should not rely on any microSD slot to expand the product line Nexus (Nexus One only had such a location).

In all likelihood, it should run on Android 4.1 (probably a minor increment), aka Jelly Bean, though some were rumors of Android 4.2, hypothesis seems unlikely.

After the original HTC Nexus first with the Nexus One and Samsung has developed the last two models: the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus and Asus produces the Nexus tablet 7, LG would be the fourth manufacturer requested by Google expand the range Nexus.

But the South Korean manufacturer could not be alone. Some rumors suggest that other manufacturers could offer Nexus smartphones based on their own models. We take this information as required in the case before any rumors. For now, neither Google nor LG has made any official statement about this.
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