A smartphone inserted into a magazine page!

This is not the first time and it is new Entertainment Weekly who gets stuck: thousand copies of its latest issue contained a page displaying a screen on which videos and tweets scroll the CW Network.

The novelty here seems to stem from the fact that the screen is in fact nothing other than the visible part of a smartphone. Yes, totally encapsulated EW smartphone, or rather its components without the shell in a page a little thicker magazine.

It does not take more sharpen the curiosity of most guys at Mashable, who boned the gizmo to discover that it was a mobile phone manufactured in China, ABO 810 smartphone input range, even when equipped with Wi-Fi, 3G sim card, a camera, a speaker and even a QWERTY keyboard. Estimated at a set price between 40 and 90 dollars.

n the demo video below torturers device even come after dissection, to make it work and to make a call with it. Nothing very surprising end to a phone, but this is the approach in terms of marketing on the part of Entertainment Weekly, which is more.

Recall that the first experience of magazine including animated screen was conducted by Esquire ago four years of this, the number of time collector who had used the time to the E-Ink technology, or electronics. I still have this copy but unfortunately the screen no longer works, probably because the battery of the device is empty.

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