The whole first iPod back in your browser html5

The first iPod was sold October 23, 2001. An eternity in the field of high tech so much so that the first portable Apple dinosaur figure made 11 years later.

INVENTIKA Solutions had the good idea to plunge into the past by "relive" the first iPod. To do this, it was developed in html5 and runs on any modern browser (which supports the html5 so).

For the record, it is October 23, 2001 Apple has launched, then it was the first iPod. Its 1.8-inch hard drive enabled him to offer 5 Gio storage user. It was not the first player in history, but it was quite innovative especially with the famous click wheel, iPod and emblematic of the first one is still on the iPod classic.

The site was developed in html5 and CSS allows you to use the iPod. It embeds a few songs but it's enough for this little moment of nostalgia.

Also an opportunity to recall some elements of the history of the iPod. The name refers to "foot" (pods in Greek) but also a small vessel (pod in English) that relates to a bigger one, the mother ship, so the Mac. This is the slogan "1000 songs in your pocket" that accompanied the release of the first iPod.

The product is very simple just like all Apple products. The user must provide the use instinctively. The click wheel is central to the operation even if it is surrounded by several buttons. In addition, the black and white screen only displays six lines are all options available to the user.

It'll just take a walk on the website INVENTIKA Solutions for small flashback. The touch interface of a smartphone or tablet is perfect for testing.

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