Twitter updates TweetDeck

It is May 25, 2011 that Twitter was acquiring TweetDeck. In December 2011, the microblogging site brought his first touch the app and introduced a version of TweetDeck for web browsers based on the WebKit rendering engine.

Today, Twitter has updated its client web browsers on the Chrome Web Store, Mac and Windows. Under the Microsoft OS, simply restart the app update is done. For the application available on the Chrome Web Store, simply restart the browser while it is available for Mac on the Mac App Store.

Twitter introduced customization options with the ability to change the theme proposed two (black text on white or classic theme TweetDeck: dark background with light text), font size (between small, medium and large) and column width. The design is also improved. But more importantly, several new features are introduced.
Thus, the image header profiles introduced by Twitter that there are weeks is now supported. Support through web browsers is also improved (on ). TweetDeck now supports browsers Firefox and Opera (still not Internet Explorer).

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