A music player that puts the songs in graphics

In music, it's all variations and shades of intensity. Our ears knows about identifying it, and your brain does the rest of distinguishing such a verse a chorus (okay this is more difficult with Sepultura or Bartok).

Musicians, producers and sound engineers who have been working for ages on dedicated digital tools like Pro Tools or others have used to deal with visual display tools sound waves, to the point that the music in this context "sees "insofar as it refers.

But for ordinary people, in listening mode, except the frequencies materialized by the proverbial equalizer, not much to put in the retina.

For the curious music lovers, this is what Songle offers a Japanese site that literally puts the music charts in analyzing and dissecting the different features and variations thereof. The player plays music available to listen on the web and found through the integrated search engine and displays their structure analysis after a few minutes. So, and this is where the distinction (which could interest a Google), it is possible to search based on chords, tempo or structure of the melody.

The metadata of the songs are recorded in a database which contains about 80,000 titles to date. The site is in Japanese so difficult to navigate, but try clicking on one of the titles offered as an example and look, it is quite fascinating, and in any case very informative.

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