Google: Android tablets have quality applications

Google tries to fill the gaps in this area. In the future, the owners of tablet optimized applications can use specially designed for this type of products. A strategy that could also correspond to the introduction of a new tablet, the Nexus 10 .

When the Nexus 7 was announced, the vice president of the company asked developers to take a little time. The objective is to adapt applications to the screen size. Google faces Apple , the company boasts 250,000 applications optimized for the iPad on the 700,000 available on the App Store. This figure therefore fade the Mountain View company which would also boast with such a number.

A series of recommendations

The iPad is now the leader in tablets, but the situation could change, because the products under Android meet a real craze. A U.S. study showed that began to take market share with 48% for the month of August. Faced with this enthusiasm, Google is obliged to offer attractive content and especially adapted. The Mountain View company application developers to refer to the "  Quality Tablet App Checklist  . " All guidelines are referenced to provide tailored applications.

Today, many applications are not optimized for use on tablets. Twitter and Facebook for example, are simply scaled, interest is limited. Google would then set aside these interfaces stretched to share a series of applications designed to use the full functionality of an Android tablet while taking into account the characteristics of the product.

Google also issued a series of recommendations. Publishers should promote the interfaces working on descriptive catches are on Google Play, videos ...

Android 4.1.2

Along with this news rich enough to Google, Android 4.1.2 has been deployed on the Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus. This update is pretty minor, but it allows to fix some bugs including proposing landscape mode on the interface of the tablet Nexus 7.

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