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It seems that the Web is to die , or at any rate, in other words, he is inexorably nibble mobile applications, recent sway over the mobile websites. You follow? Bon.

If you read regularly Lemon Squeezer you know that this subject is one of the favorite themes, the mobile Internet is just my hobby, and from there, namely the early 2000s, with Handspring and Palm and PocketPC / Windows Mobile. In short, although it was a bit more tedious, we have a number not to have waited for the iPhone to surf the internet from our phone or PDA (at the time it was also said PDAphone, haha).

The shoemaker worst shod, you know. This is the case of a little lemon squeezer and its mobile applications : either on iPhone or Android, it is recognized that the apps Lemon Squeezer, yet among the first to blog (2009), start dating a little or to be obsolete because very limited in their functions - even if most of being able to access news quickly and simply - is: no comments, no headings, no search engine, the basic brief.

It happened three years ago, but mobile users have become increasingly expert and demanding, and do not just this type of application. I see it frequently in receiving comments and feedback telling me that the application is buggy and it is too limited. I am perfectly aware of this, and it will change.

With Kreactive , Lyon agency I work with these applications, so we decided to take the bull by the horns and launched a redesign of iPhone apps and Android Lemon Squeezer. More than redesigning elsewhere radically new versions, since we leave a blank. These new versions offer a new interface and many features mostly absent today.

This will be one of the priority projects this fall. We have not yet set a deadline because we are only at the very beginning of the project (list of essential features) but we hope to leave before the end of the year, depending on the availability of the agency, very busy at the moment.

If you have any feature ideas or suggestions are always welcome, if they are interesting and feasible, we integrate. Regarding Windows Phone and Windows 8 , it should also come after.

In the meantime, the current versions are of course still available:

  • download the iPhone app Lemon Squeezer
  • Android application download Lemon Squeezer
  • download the application Press-citon Android Tablet

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