YouTube client for iPad that changes the World

At a time when all eyes are on the blunders committed by Apple Plans, you almost forget the abandonment of the native YouTube app on iOS. Absence filled by Google which will be shown particularly responsive in deploying application "official" YouTube even before the arrival of iOS 6. To everyone's surprise, the app was not thought to support both the iPhone and iPad . A shame when you realize she wears the same structure as the Gmail app, but that is not the point.

A launch window is streamlined, and Jasmine appeared. Designed and developed by a single man, Jason Morrissey , Jasmine just change the game on iPad in responding to a real need.

Featuring a presentation as a headband, Jasmine is not surprising given its shape and yet, after several minutes of use, the app surprising due to its accessibility. Grip combined with immediate visual comfort that few applications can boast. Beyond a great job on the ergonomics of its app, Jason did not do things by half by implementing our favorites, playlists or our our subscriptions. Access videos buzzent or otherwise find content by keywords has never been easier.

I assume that is a good app app finished in every detail. Jasmine enjoys special care that is immediately felt. One example among many others, the background color. Nothing transcendent you say but it is possible to immerse the app in the dark for comfort for any other. The visual is altered in any way and win even clarity in my opinion.

Jasmine is unquestionably the customer to have YouTube on iPad. free , it is also available on iPhone. Be careful though, only devices running iOS 6 are concerned. Also note that Pro version (in-app purchase for € 1.59) is the party giving access to parental controls ...

You know what you have to do.
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