Bic Tab: The touch pad with pen

Bic has teamed up with Intel to offer a new product that is in the field of high tech. Primary schools now have the opportunity to equip classes with a touch pad equipped with a stylus.

Bic is known for its pens, slates or razors. The brand has developed in collaboration with Intel a touch pad. She had already entered the field of high tech with the launch of mobile phones in partnership with Orange. The Bic Tab takes the concept of slate, but the operation is based on the latest technologies. Pupils have the opportunity to work with this new product and teachers can use the Bic Education. An effective concept to provide students with exercises. This tablet has been specially designed for school use, and it resists shocks.

The device has a touch screen with a stylus which is made for children. They have the opportunity to learn to write while using the shape of a real pencil. Tablet diffuse exercises to suit all levels, taught the pilot via a laptop. In the long term, a site could be in place in order to transmit additional educational resources for children. The Bic Tab is sold between 6000 and 20 000. The difference is explained by the choice of content, the number of aircraft and insurance contracts. This solution is implemented for municipalities that fund schools.

The shelves are not personal since the establishment can buy between 6 and 30 units. They are intended for the whole school and the kids can use them after having stored in a special cabinet with casters allowing easy movement. The tablet runs on Linux with Intel Atom processor.
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