Well integrated Google Street View in Google Maps Web app

Lemon squeezer was echoed yesterday by the arrival of Street View in the Google Maps Web app accessible from a terminal iOS. And so it is done for today.

Remember that just open your internet browser on your iPhone , iPod Touch or iPad , then create an icon on your desktop and then access Google Maps from a terminal on iOS (iOS 6 in particular).

A temporary solution offered by this firm since Google in Mountain View is preparing a version of its app that will be available on the App Store.

Google Maps Web app becomes even more an alternative to the application through Apple Plans 360 degree views. Of sucroƮt, recently (see our article ), interior plans (50 in all) are available for the hexagon (museums, shopping centers ...).

Specifically, do your research on Google Maps. Then you click on an icon representing a person to access the Street Views on another browser page that opens for this purpose.

Apple decided to offer its own mapping app with Tom Tom (among others). The Cupertino company would, however, could still use the service for one year of Google Maps under the agreement with the company based in Mountain View. But it did not include his desired service turn-by-turn .

If the service is perfectible Apple, Tim Cooks announced its bonifierait quickly through crowd-sourcing. Tweets from Apple including incite traders to indicate errors they might discover.

The real mano a mano that Apple and Google are engaged on the front of the mobile OS is therefore now in the field of body mapping services. Ultimately, it is the user who should emerge winner since competition will push these two actors (and others) to improve their service.

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