The Test of Samsung Galaxy S3

The Galaxy S3 is the successor of Galaxy S2, with the first mobile quad-heart house (Exynos 4412 Quad). Here is our opinion on this high-end smartphone supposed to compete with the iPhone 4S, and even the iPhone 5.

Design and ergonomics

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has a lot of talk against its specifications, but the design is no exception and marks a departure from its predecessor. The S3 is indeed more rounded than the S2, a feature that makes it really sexy. Found in front a large Super AMOLED HD (1280 × 720 pixels) 4.8-inch buttons and traditional menus. Above the screen is a first camera and the earpiece and the different brightness and proximity sensors as well as a notification LED. On the right side is the screen lock button, while on the left there are the volume buttons. The jack is located on top of the mobile, and the micro USB is found placed at the bottom of the unit.

The design of this well-rounded Galaxy S3 slice really with what we had proposed on Samsung Galaxy S2, which is really nice, both to look at handle. We regret, however, the use, once again, the plastic on the entire phone. In contrast, although the mobile is quite large, it is nice to see that Samsung has managed to introduce a very big screen in a relatively small space.

Returning to the keys on the front of the phone. The two buttons affixed on each side of the Home button is sensitive and it can happen to accidentally touch when using the phone. If the Settings button is not too much trouble, the Return key will prove really disturbing when pressed inadvertently. Small bonus for the LED in the upper left of the screen, it flashes when receiving new notifications and changes color depending on the type of notification received.

The large screen of S3

The first thing you notice about this smartphone, after noting its quite large, it is the big screen that has been pasted. It is a HD Super AMOLED 4.8 inch, enjoying high definition 720p.
The colors stand out much better on this new mobile phone and the Galaxy S2 though it differs a little blue color on the white web pages. Nevertheless, it is clearly better served. The display has excellent contrast and brightness level provides significant visibility even in bright sunlight.


Samsung Galaxy S3 is equipped house Exynos 4412 processor Quad processor four heart very effective, clocked at 1.4 GHz. Support for the S3 has 1GB of RAM.

Storage level, we appreciate the presence of a microSD slot for expanding the internal memory of 16 GB.

From the first use, we feel that this smartphone is very reactive and responds to your slightest actions.


With its photo-sensor video capable of shooting 8MP en1080p, the Galaxy S3 is not much better than the competition on paper. In reality, the camera does not show that good, especially in low light where captures are fairly dark and lacking in detail. In a good environment, the smartphone is said that pictures very suitable.

In use, the camera is very responsive and even offers a few extra features to the user. In addition to reorganizing the function keys, you will be able to visually identify your contacts pictures and identify, so it is already scored for possible publication on social networks.

Always present, the AFN proposes face detection function with open eyes, HDR mode, a panorama mode and burst mode where the mobile is 20 photos and selects the best.

About video capture, rendering is correct at the picture but unsatisfactory in terms of sound. When recording, you can take pictures with a trigger in the upper right of the screen.

Also in the video, but this time for reading, PopUp Play is a nice little feature directly inspired by the Picture In Picture found on some Internet TV box which allows you to continue to watch a video while doing something else, So true multitasking!

On the audio side, the Galaxy S3 seems quite similar to its predecessor with a pretty decent volume without too much loss and sizzle. The supplied headphones are told it well below what can be expected to listen to music and will be used only for telephone conversations.

Level content sharing, you can count on the mode DLNA or MHL micro USB port to transfer content to photo, video and games.

Customization by Samsung

Samsung has some market power, allowing it to bypass Google's recommendations and impose its own interface with applications such as Music Hub and Game Hub.

As is the case for some time, Samsung has introduced this mobile its overlay TouchWiz . Since the previous models, it has been improved and offers a dynamic interface and different from other smartphones Android . Guided by some tips in its first use, the consumer will appreciate the simplicity and the side "ready to use" this mobile. We denote this interface seven offices receptions, to have applications and widgets. The dock welcomes applications for its four configurable and application menus leading to fixed applications and widgets.

To counter noticed arrival of Siri in Apple , Samsung has launched its voice assistant S-Voice, accessible via a double-click the center button. If S-beat Siri Voice introducing a whole bunch of orders since its launch, the assistant Samsung does not show much more efficient and even painful when misunderstands what is required ... Siri is therefore still much better it is perfectible.

Gadgets at very nice, it should be noted that the cut phone ringing when laying the screen face and vibrates when the table resumes in hand Note also the ability to call a contact directly from the card or sms directly with your smartphone to your ear. Similarly, it is possible to answer a call without pressing the answer button. To a screenshot? Simply sweep your screen right to left hand so that the catch is recorded.

Samsung has also introduced intelligent Eve, a feature that helps keep the screen on when you read a long message, without needing to touching the screen. As your eyes look at the phone, it does not go to sleep.


The Galaxy S3 is equipped with a 2100 mAh battery, a capacity that allows it to be much better than the S2. So we end up with a high-performance mobile and can easily hold a day and a half without charge.


The Galaxy S3 is in the continuity of smartphones Samsung Galaxy range. It is also much more efficient in every way. With this screen size, Samsung has taken the risk of their smartphone between two worlds, but it does not seem to have scared fans of the brand as the unit is sold very well in its early days.


Reactivity, fluidity
Micro SD port
Big screen
TouchWizz improved overlay
Cool gadgets


Plastic a little cheap at first sight
Classic design
S-perfectible Voice
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