Controversy taints Minecraft Windows 8?

Windows 8 does not meet a real craze, the creator of Minecraft, Markus Persson had expressed his reluctance to Windows 8. Faced with these accusations, Microsoft has responded.

Markus Persson called Notch created Minecraft , a game that blends the building and adventure. Notch is known in flowing several million copies his game and he is also the origin of virulent cons about Windows 8. Microsoft last week asked for his assistance in obtaining the certification of his game on the new OS, he immediately retorted network Twitter that he preferred "  Minecraft does not work on Windows 8 rather than play the game  . " Windows Store is at the center of a controversy due to the validation process applications to be developed through the mandatory set of APIs Win RT. Those to the Bureau the opportunity to obtain certification.

The goal is to have a functional application. This validation is not assigned by Microsoft, but it has an advantage, that give access to the Windows Store. The advantage is quite interesting for the developer since Microsoft does not support the sales and receives no percentage. Minecraft should be certified to integrate the store and this process is not too complex, but Microsoft has sought the assistance of Notch has refused to cooperate. The problem that remains around Minecraft can tarnish the image of Windows 8, developers might have some concerns about this new OS.

About the Developer have therefore created a real controversy and Microsoft said the company did not need his help. Ultimately, the company wants to show that the platform is not as binding and there is no reason to worry. Minecraft will be released through the traditional desktop and not using the new interface ModernUI. This dispute does not help the image of Windows 8 as early users said they wanted to redirect to Windows 7. It gets 53% support against 25% for the latest version of the operating system. The latter will not be used in businesses, jobs under XP would tend to migrate to Windows 7.

The problem with Minecraft should not arrange the launch of Windows 8 scheduled for 26 October.

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