iPad mini: The back cover is revealed in a series of photos

The iPad mini is finally revealed through interesting pictures. Until now, users were able to observe models, but Ukrainian iPhone offers the back cover. The latter also differs from previous shots.

The iPad mini would be back in production in Asia according to the Wall Street Journa l , and the mini tablet should make its appearance on October 17 if the rumors are true. Ukrainian iPhone just share a series of photos which basically oriented the back cover. The latter differs from previous shots. They put forward an aluminum coating which proposed a metallic color. This set shows the contrary, the back shell would also tend to be closer to that of the iPhone 5 . Apple therefore choose to align its entire range with the same visual to keep some consistency.

The photos are quite blurry, but you can see the Apple logo on the back. The front is also unveiled and also differs from previous shots. Here, the front is white, which suggests a marketing device comes in two colors like the iPhone 5 (white, black). After several weeks of rumors, this is the first time that the visuals look like a possible iPad mini. They also confirm the new format should be 7.85 inches. It will still be patient as the mini tablet is introduced on 17 October. Sales and would open on November 2 with a price that could be around 300 euros.

With regard to the numbers in the photo, the site says:

  1. Jack
  2. The 3G antenna (similar location to other iPad)
  3. Drawer nano-sim which is accompanied by a piece of shell as sotch fell
  4. Lightning connector

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