Galaxy S3 mini on 11 October?

The Samsung Galaxy S3 could be available in mini version on October 11. This date corresponds to a press conference organized by Samsung. Some clues suggest the introduction of a new smartphone with a smaller size.

The trend is the mini since the Cupertino company intends to offer a smaller version of the iPad . Now it is the turn of Samsung to be the subject of rumours about a Galaxy S3 smaller. The Korean manufacturer has issued invitations for a conference on October 11 in Frankfurt. The poster (above) was sent to German journalists. The logo "S" appears discreetly in the background, which suggests a presentation in connection with the Galaxy S. The slogan "Something small will make a grand entrance" might correspond to the revelation of a smartphone with a smaller size.

A 4-inch screen?

Some consumers enjoy the features offered by the Galaxy S3, but the format is just too big. By posting 4.8 inches, Samsung loses some customers. Korean society would have found the solution in marketing a S3 with a smaller size approaching 4 inches, the size would be similar to that put forward by the iPhone 5 . This format also optimize grip. Today, the Galaxy S3 is more like a mini tablet and away format somewhat Smartphone.

Samsung needs to find a compromise, offering a smaller size while facilitating navigation. Screen too penalizes transport and handling, conversely, a too small screen does not bring real comfort. The company may also choose to drop below the threshold of 4 inches. October 11 expect to know the new product launched by Samsung.

What do you think of a Galaxy S3 mini?

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