Xperia Tablet S: Sony stops selling because of waterproof

The tablet Xperia Sony is pulled from the shelves because it is not waterproof due to a fault. The problem of resistance and forced the manufacturer to stop marketing while the launch was new.

The Xperia S Tablet was advertised as waterproof. However, a defect allows the water entering the interior of the device. The reference is listed in the specifications of the tablet, Sony must offer a product complies with waterproof promises. Currently, it does not satisfy this point and must be stopped. Launched a month ago, it is a blow to Sony should revise its copy and try to remedy this imperfection.

Although the number of copies shipped is pretty slim since there 100,000 tablets in the United States, Europe and Japan. The situation would have been much more burdensome for Sony if the volume was much larger. People who purchased a tablet will have the opportunity to obtain compensation with full support. The spokesman for Sony, Noriko Shoji said that the problem was "Chinese factory where the tablet is manufactured." In all cases, this imperfection night launch of the tablet, but it should not affect the turnover of the company.

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