Nexus 7: A 32 GB version in the listings resellers

The Nexus 7 could make its appearance by the end of the year with a 32 GB After proposing the 8 and the 16 GB, consumers have the opportunity to have an even greater capacity.

This is a screenshot of a listing that ignites the canvas. The price is also highlighted, the Nexus 7 32GB $ 260 would be marketed. This price is quite close to that proposed for the 16 GB version is rumoured  the first deliveries would be launched on 24 October. Customers have the opportunity to buy at the end of the month or in November. This availability is positioned perfectly with the sale of the iPad mini to Apple . Google has the opportunity to compete with the Cupertino company with a larger capacity.

Indeed, the Apple tablet will be launched on October 17 if the latest information relayed by the Wall Street Journal is correct. The Nexus 7 was also the subject of rumor about another version at $ 99 by the end of the year. Manufacturers maximum out products before Christmas, they know that this is a good time to purchase.

Those of you who want to buy Google tablet should wait a few weeks. According to the screenshot, the price would be comparable between the 16 and 32 GB.

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