Which phones are the most toxic?

The toxicity of mobile phones has been observed rigorously by American ecologist association. It therefore proposed a study looking at 36 models available in the past 5 years.

Mobile phones are poisonous, but to different degrees. The Ecology Center at the origin of this survey estimated that users of these products in contact with their faces as they contain bromine, lead, mercury ... The environmental organization estimates that there are at least one product dangerous in a smartphone, but it can contain up to 40 elements sometimes pollutants. The researchers husked mobiles analyzing all the components using the method of X-ray fluorescence The director of this research, Jeff Gearhart said that   mobile phones are toxic chemicals and full of risk, but they are improving. Even the best phones of our study are holders of a chemical hazard. 

The iPhone 5 is less toxic than S3

The podium is composed of the Motorola Citrus, the iPhone 4s and the LG Remarq. Three other laptops are in the green zone, it is the Samsung Captivate, the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Evergreen. The Galaxy S3 is the 9 th place. At the end of the ranking, it is possible to see that the iPhone 2G is the most toxic of the 36 models. The author of this research is glad to see that manufacturers are making efforts by offering healthy products. Regulations and controls have also been strengthened in Asia and Europe.

The organization also wants to sound the alarm, most laptops at the end of life ends at the recycling center. It therefore promotes pollution since the pollutants are released into the soil, air and groundwater. Jeff Gearhart concluded by stating that these   chemicals that cause birth defects, learning difficulties and other serious health problems were found in the soil at levels ten to one hundred times higher than normal recycling sites in China.
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