Subsidized smartphones: scams are growing

The subsidized Smartphones are at the heart of a new controversy. Scams are increasing and operators are increasingly worried by the trend that began early in the year.

In France, a new practice began gently in place since January as 100,000 were referenced scams. People tend to subscribe to a mobile subsidized. They get a smartphone and nine last generation, paid a ridiculous price compared to the bare version. Several schemes are then implemented for not paying a subscription while keeping the mobile. Operators do not want to estimate the damage, but it would be 30 million with an average mobile 300 euros. The scammers must still be organized to perform well in handling. Generally, the documents submitted are false, bank accounts are closed a few days after registration...

The response of operators

People then have two options, sell the smartphone at a profit really interesting or subscribe to an offer without commitment to a lower cost. Such scams have been boosted by the multiplication formulas without engagement that are relatively affordable, but no smartphone is proposed. Faced with this situation, the operators desired response including increased selling prices.

And some operators like SFR and Bouygues Telecom, smartphones are offered at a higher rate. Mobile phones are sold with 150 to 200 euros. When the client passes the 3-month subscription, the difference between the purchase price and the original price is paid on the invoice. For example, the iPhone 5 at Bouygues Telecom could rise from 189.90 euros to 339.90 euros. The difference of 150 euros would then be made ​​in the form of a credit on the next invoice.

What do you think of these scams and response operators?

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