Android 4.2 in the starting blocks?

However, according to our colleagues for Android Police, log files of Internet traffic on their site have uncovered devices running Android 4.2. There would be a total of four different devices that run smoothly within this release mysterious.

It would be a Samsung Galaxy Nexus , the latest smartphone Nexus date, a Nexus 7 tablet from Asus, a terminal codenamed "occam" and another device identified as "manta".

The four devices were running Android 4.2 builds beginning with the letter "J". This indication is a priori rather inconsistent with a major update since the "J" would imply that it is a version of Jelly Bean (a new version called "Ham Butter" seems unlikely to say the least, but "Jaffa Cakes" could be a good candidate!). Indeed, for each major iteration of its mobile OS, Google runs the alphabet "F" Froyo, "G" Gingerbread, "H" Honeycomb, "I" for Ice Cream Sandwich and "J" Jelly Bean .

In addition, the terminal "occam" would be a smartphone since its user-agent (text sent to the server to identify the user agent) contained the word "mobile". We can think about the future Nexus LG Optimus based on G (read our article ). It could also be a smartphone Motorola Razr range ("Razor" means "razor" in English). "Occam" would thus refer to Occam's razor (or Okham) which is a principle of philosophical reasoning.

As for the "manta", it could be a new tablet Motorola stamped. Indeed, the Motorola Xoom tablet had two different code names (depending whether 3G/4G LTE or WiFi) "Stingray" and "Wingray." "Manta" come to "Manta Ray" ("manta" in English), while "Stingray" was referring to the sting of the line and "Wingray" his wing. A little far-fetched, admittedly, but we also know that manufacturers like to play with the code names of their products.

The hypothesis of a fake is not excluded, but since Android Police spotted many devices with this version 4.2, it seems unlikely.
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