Your inbox becomes a task list with Taskbox

To effectively manage its e-mail and his list of tasks generally used two distinct applications. But Taskbox, email client, hybrid, chose to stand out by offering these features in a single application.

This service allows concrete to structure and organize their inbox, in particular by providing a task manager and piggybacking on existing messaging services (only Gmail and Google Apps are supported at the moment but other services will be added soon ). The ultimate goal is obviously that her inbox shows unread zero (or close to ...).

In the list of emails for example, if you drag your finger to the right, you can send the message in the task list (and possibly prevent the person you work for it), or to delegate mark it as completed. Conversely, if you drag your finger to the left, you can include or delete the message.

Today Taskbox is more a concept than anything else. Certainly, an iOS application already exists but it is buggy and pay ($ 6.99). So the company is working actively on this application and preparing versions for Android and HTML 5 next year.

Finally, the company hopes to raise $ 30 000 on the site of collaborative funding Kickstarter to fund future improvements. I think the idea is relevant and rather ambitious implementation remains to be seen. This is the kind of service that could be bought by Google?
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